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120/365 shoppingspree

sometimes letting someone else get what they want for their birthday is more fun than giving them what you think they want. Cause in reality, you really have no idea.

119/365 atlantasbest

119/365 atlantasbest, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

there isn’t much delicious ramen to run into in Atlanta, but when you can get a Japanese restaurant run by Japanese people, you can get something decent at least. We went to the best Atlanta Japanese restaurant, Shoya Izakaya today and of course, couldn’t leave without a bowl of ramen. Plus, Nyla is guaranteed to love it (I’ve got her trained).

118/365 dj

118/365 dj, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

At a farewell party for a colleague this evening and knew if I didn’t take a picture there it just wasn’t going to happen. So, DJ with interesting light and nice green wall behind you, thank you for your subconscious approval to be number 118.

117/365 babybooks

117/365 babybooks, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

Wow, talk about lack of inspiration. Tried to take a cute shot and it didn’t work. Almost uploaded it which really would have been disappointing later on. So, viola, Nyla’s baby books – or at least about 1/4th of them. Funny – you can buy one of these books at B&N for $10 or you can buy them used for 10 cents each at the library like I bought a bunch last week in LA.

116/365 nothingstopsfedex

Dear Tree,

Last night you decided you can’t take it anymore. All the thunder and lighting and wind and rain. You had enough and tried to take us all with you. Well, you weren’t tall enough to reach any of our houses, but you aimed for the power lines, landed on them, and then snapped them off 10 seconds later. And you managed to block the road while doing so. You thought you had won – a ridiculous act of foolishness in your last ditch effort to get payback for all that you were climbed, used for shade, or had your trunk used for teenage markings of short-lived love. But you thought wrong, and that silly mistake of blocking my road to work this morning brought you to your final demise. You see, I could take the long way around and get to work. And the electric company could fix the power lines. But you didn’t think about the FedEx man and his crazy obsession with speedy delivery and his nothing-will-stop-me mentality. Well, he had the people with the chainsaws come, cut you into firewood, and push you to the side of the road – transforming you into the laughing stock of all your woody buddies. Now, you are nothing but kindle for someone’s hamburgers – the hamburgers which were saved in the fridge when the power was restored around lunch time and you were swept aside. So, I’m sorry Tree for your decision to take your life in such an obnoxious way – you deserved this fate.

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115/365 happybirthdaytoshimi!

April 25th is Toshimi’s BDay. She already got her birthday presents, but what is a birthday without a proper cake or present? I wonder if she liked the cake or the ukelele inside???

114/365 thewingsareback

When I was a kid and flew I often got those cute little wings pins. They were metal and kinda cool, similar to the ones the pilots wore, and only the kids got them. Then they disappeared – probably cause I grew up, airlines got stingy, and I never really noticed. But today, on our flight back from LA, Nyla got her first pair of wings. They are cheap, plastic, and all scuffed up, but they are still wings, and still awesome.

Anyway, as for LA, it was a good few days out there. Actually, I really like LA. With the exception of gas prices being ridiculous and traffic horrible, I really like it there. Especially Santa Monica. I could totally live there (as long as I had a 10 min or less commute with no use of the highway required). Great weather, tons of shops, the ability to walk around, and lots of other great things that come with city life (yes, I live in a “city” but it is hardly city life). So, it was my first trip to LA but I imagine not my last. Very happy that when we flipped the coin it landed on heads for LA.

113/365 everylastdrop

Nyla is already in love with Coke. Well, actually, she probably gets about one sip a month, but she loves it when she gets it. And now that she can drink by hersel she makes sure she gets every last drop of Coca-Cola that she can. It is nice having such a small face that it fits entirely into this glass!

112/365 90210

112/365 90210, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

We are staying in Beverly Hills, but nothing quite as fancy as the name would imply. Plus, it is free (points) so that helps too. But there were two places I wanted to see in Beverly Hills – the Rodeo Drive sign and the Beverly Hills sign. This Beverly Hills sign was in quite a non-Beverly Hills type place though – which was disspaointing on one hand but allowed me to mess around on the other. Thus, this picture.

111/365 runnylarun!!

111/365 runnylarun!!, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

This is probably mean spirited but whatever. I still root for the man mostly because I feel sorry for him on the golf course, but you gotta admit off the course, he is one shady fellow. So anyway, at Madame Tussauds wax museum, they happened to have a Tiger Woods there and Nyla also happened to absolutely hate the place and all the extremely real looking celebs. So, I knew I had a great shot when I dropped Nyla in front of the gaze of a concentrating Tiger. Raychel Coudriet, his 22 year old neighbor who he used to babysit for doesn’t seem so young anymore…