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211/365 redbox

211/365 redbox, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

not sure if these are just in the US or all over the world, but it really is amazing the way the world is changing. Who would have guessed 10 or even 5 years ago that companies like Tower Records, Blockbuster Video, and Borders Books would cease to exist? But thanks to technology and some nice ideas by Napster/iPod, Redbox/Netflix, and iPad/Kindle, these once commonplace stores are now all gone. I love the change, but wonder, what do I do with my huge CD and DVD collections…?

211/365 nascar

211/365 nascar, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

not exactly F1, but driving in a fast car is always awesome. Still can’t get my head around the oval track or the fact that the car turns to the left automatically, but still super cool to have the chance to drive one of these 700hp+ machines. Thanks Groupon – couldn’t have done it without you – @ the Atlanta Motor Speedway

210/365 bigeyebaby

210/365 bigeyebaby, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

weird thing about the internet. I uploaded my original 210/365 shot just now, wrote the description and title, saved it, then looked at it and felt weird. She is only 21 months old but in the bath and she was obviously topless. I didn’t think a thing of it at first, but then it just felt weird. Who knows what is going to happen with that pic or what people are going to say about it. So, I deleted it, censoring myself and giving in to society. I feel weird about it, both my decision and the circumstances that led me to that decision. So, today’s alt picture is another bath time shot but can’t really be construed as improper in anyway. So, slightly-out-of-focus-but-equally-cute shot, you just became number two hundred and ten. Sometimes the internet sucks.

209/365 parislitup

209/365 parislitup, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

we got a bunch of miniature Eiffel towers as souvenirs from Paris. 15 I think, one bigger 13 smaller. You know, you can buy the key chain one for $2 in the store or $1 from a street vendor or 6 for $1 from the guys walking around with hundreds of them attached to a huge key ring. So, if you are planning on getting them, find the guys with the key rings and then negotiate. Anyway, it is still July but decided to pull out with Christmas lights and play. I smell a Coca-Cola light bokeh shot coming in the coming days…

208/365 thisismacro

208/365 thisismacro, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

Brought my macro lens to work today to show a friend who is debating between buying a macro or wide lens. In the process of playing around with taking pictures of things on my desk, I took this one. And decided it would be my shot of the day. Bought it in Brazil – stained glass that was somehow molded over a PET Coca-Cola bottle. Pretty cool.

207/365 artist

207/365 artist, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

baby’s got talent

206/365 dontplaywithyourfood

on the theme of food, #2, another childhood favorite – alphabet soup. Or in this case, alphabet pasta. It seems like quite a contradiction though – while your parent’s tell you “Don’t play with your food!” they give you food that was clearly made to be played with… Right alongside Jello, Oreo, and watermelon for the foods-that-must-be-played-with list of champions.

205/365 cerealinducedsugarhigh

I had a specific shot in mind and this was not exactly it, but how could you not have fun loading all your favorite cereals into a shopping cart and then running around the cereal aisle while evading Kroger employees who keep giving me the evil eye because of all the cereal and the camera rigged to the shopping cart… Tons of fun – should you try your own version on this shot take this piece of advice from me – try out the shopping carts ahead of time to find one that rolls smoothly… This one didn’t.

204/365 threegenerations

well, we are missing my brother, but the Baltimore Brusteins came down to see the Atlanta Brusteins. And when you are in Hotlanta, where else should you go but SunO, shaved ice desserts. Well of course, having expiring groupons is motivation to go as well. And they make for a colorful picture. I liked this picture too much to not post it (+it was the odc delicious day too) although we later did the next Georgian event – shooting at the gun range. Yeeehaw! First time any of use ever shot a gun, and it was actually pretty fun!

203/365 cartscartscarts

golf carts to infinity and beyond! Today we played golf at Bear’s Best a bit outside of Atlanta – Jack Nicklaus chose 18 of his favorite holes around the world and recreated them at this course. It is a public (but expensive) course but was extremely beautiful and pretty easy too. That doesn’t mean I played well, but it does mean I only lost 5 or 6 balls instead of 10 or 12.