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305/366 under the bridge

first time I have ever seen the underside of the Golden Gate Bridge. Not as pretty as the side or the top, but amazing when you think this is what holds up all those cars, all that wind, all that fog, and all those camera flashes.

304/366 post hurricane sandy sky

if you want to find a positive out of hurricanes, it is that generally the day after they pass there are some brilliant sunsets. Unfortunately I was stuck in the ATL airport for this one and couldn’t grab my M3 but still a great site to behold nevertheless. And fittingly for an airport picture, I am uploading this from 30,000 feet.

303/366 building the last one

only one plot left in our community here – and this backhoe is positioned to start the digging. Glad to see that people are betting on the future and moving out here even if it is a bit sketchy today.

302/366 double bed jump

spent a weekend with my good friend from Japan in NYC but due to the incoming ridiculously crazy hurricane Sandy, both our flights tomorrow were cancelled, so we made a mad dash for the airport to find a flight to Tokyo and a flight to Atlanta today, otherwise we would be stranded in NYC, homeless and flightless till at least Wed… So far, it looks like the gods are on our side cause we both got booked on flights to our destinations – you’ll have to see if my picture tomorrow is from ATL or NYC to be sure if I made it or not… Anyway, had to do a quick double bed jump at the W Times Square before we ran out – as you can see, Saito-san is not as used to timed bed jumping as I am…

301/366 greenhouse halloween

hit up a couple of clubs in NYC for some halloween parties. Knew I should have gone and gotten a costume but didn’t and felt totally left out – oh well. I went to enough clubs in Japan to last two lifetimes so I am planning to graduate to a club-free life in the near future. Still nice to get in with VIP treatment though 🙂

300/366 empire state

300/366 empire state, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

i ♥ ny.

299/366 go giants

299/366 go giants, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

actually, I’m not a Giants fan. Not even a baseball fan really. But it is awesome being in a city where the home team is killing it so far (at home) in the World Series – people are loving life here. Even buying SF Giants themed bicycles like this – and being hipster SF, of course it is a fixie…