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152/366 break my fall

had some time before my soccer game tonight so brought my camera on a journey.

151/366 my first studio shoot

well not an official studio, more like a meeting room with strobes, but still my first time actually using my hot shoe for anything other than a level balance. Crazy guy who gave up being an awesome photographer to come work at Coke (Marc – pictured here) rented some strobes and taught me a bit about how to use them. Seems like it could be fun although too expensive to mess around with now. Anyway, this is one of my first shots ever using a strobe. Thanks Marc!

150/366 wtf?!

150/366 wtf?!, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

just because I commented on the fact that I really needed a haircut (my last haircut was 365/365) didn’t mean I wanted my daughter to cut my hair at the kitchen table!! Just be aware that when you fall asleep at work and then dream about someone giving you a head massage, BEWARE!!! Well, at least I am ready for the summer now.

149/366 memorial day bbq

i wonder why a day of remembrance somehow turned into a day of BBQing, but it has. I guess BBQ is about the most American thing around so in some way it must make sense. Anyway, we BBQ maybe once or twice a year, but Memorial Day is the start of the “season”. Burgers, hotdogs, and sausage. Then some other unnecessary stuff that I don’t eat like shrimp and vegetables. This was Kylie’s first BBQ and she was more interested in eating my paper towel napkin than the food. I should have put the camera up higher…

148/366 can i help you?

today Nyla got some new sunglasses. Apparently Kylie liked them as well.

147/366 confusing love

nyla’s friend Noah came over to play today. Seemed like Nyla was happier than Noah was. She decided to give him a kiss and was given the head fake the first time. The second time he just gave in with a confused face and accepted the kiss from Nyla. She was happy, he tried to forget. I guess Nyla doesn’t know better than to kiss a Philies fan and save those kisses for Red Sox fans…

146/366 lost my camera… :-(

i can’t believe it. I actually lost my camera. Luckily not an SLR but my p&s, my canon s100… I left it on an airplane. I had a whole other flight to stare out the window and try to figure out where I left it and how I could have forgotten it – it is so unlike me to lose something, especially a camera… (although it wasn’t the first time). The good thing is this sad story may have a happy ending. I talked to Delta and they said they think they found it and would ship it to me. So I’ll have my eyes open for a package next week… Really hoping I get it back…