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274/366 apple pickin’

groupon weekend, day 3. Apple pickin’ and hay wagon ridin’ and animal pettin’ and fried apple pie eatin’ up in Ellijay Georgia at BJ Reece’s farm. Went last year, had more fun this year. Kylie seemed to enjoy the apple pickin’ but not so much the animal pettin’… Nyla loved both.

273/366 dream

273/366 dream, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

groupon season, day 2. Georgia Aquarium. I love aquariums and the Georgia aquarium is actually the biggest in the world. And somehow, I have never been. It was better than expected and I regret not having been sooner. But glad that we got to bring Nyla and Kylie. Nyla loved it, Kylie not as much. But still fantastic and might consider getting a season pass.

272/366 squeeze

272/366 squeeze, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

it is Groupon season – got a few expiring in September so today was the first of three Groupon days – spent at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. First time there and it was not the best time for flowers but the place was still fantastic. Not sure why I hadn’t been before. Taught Nyla about flowers and frogs and how to get really close.

271/366 farewell again

funny, this guy (Derk) and this location (JCT Kitchen) feel oddly familiar. Actually, very familiar –
067/366. Yes, we had a farewell party for a colleague of ours again (at the same place), as this time he is officially leaving the team although we’ll still see him every day. He will be missed though – a truly great guy. Everyone else in the picture is wearing his very well known clothes, although no one could quite wear them as well as him…

270/366 atlanta mandarin oriental

recently the Mandarin Oriental brand bought one of Atlanta’s most upscale hotels, the Mansion and renamed it. I had never been in there before but apparently all they did was change the name, no other big changes. Anyway, a colleague was staying there so I checked out the room – pretty nice. They were also filming one of those horrible reality shows like Housewives of Atlanta, but this was a newer, ever worse one. A pretty sad sight to see…

269/366 shabu shabu

269/366 shabu shabu, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

time for some piping hot shabu shabu. Can’t get the good quality meat here, but the good news is that pretty much anything will do.

268/366 calories out calories in

quick snapshot of our pit stop at Wendy’s. Ride for a bit, burn some calories, then drink a Frosty and put them all back on, plus some. Except Nyla and Kylie – they were enjoying the ride and sucking down that Frosty in style.