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090/365 winner

090/365 winner, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

finally, crazy week in the Bay Area is complete. The weekend Hackathon went very well – the presentation / award ceremony was supposed to be an hour but ended up being 3.5 hours due to all the submissions. After a lot of deliberation with the judges (half of whom were in ATL where it was 12:30am Sunday/Easter night), a winner was selected and the $10,000 award money given. And then I bolted to try to catch my red eye flight back home to ATL – and just made it.

089/365 hackathon

089/365 hackathon, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

this weekend is the Hacker Dojo & Coca-Cola Hackathon. 20 hours to go and so far it is pretty interesting! Totally different culture than I am used to – the nerd / hacker culture – but super cool and kinda like it! The people here seem to love Mexican Coke so we bought a ton of it and it put smiles on their faces and energy to keep them going all night. These are a few empties in front of the Hacker Dojo logo.

088/365 a proper bed jumping room

after spending a week in a hotel called “The Palace” I moved down to Cupertino to a brand new Aloft hotel that costs 1/3 the price but is much more my taste. And it is a proper bed jumping hotel (not to say I didn’t bed jump in the Palace, I just didn’t like the pictures I took). So anyway, first thing I did as I walked into the room and saw that perfectly made bed was to fly onto it.

087/365 market street

all lines converge on the ferry building. You must go there. You want to go there. You need to go there. They have overpriced items that are very tempting, especially to tourists. Go!

086/365 royal staircase

one might imagine that royalty has walked up and down this staircase given that it is in a hotel called the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. Just another cool spiral staircase to add to the collection.

085/365 the palace hotel

its called that cause it is certainly fit for a king and queen. And I guess those are their chairs.
I don’t generally like old, but this hotel is awesome. So many grand rooms in the public spaces. Hopefully I’ll get a picture at the pool while I am here as well – first hotel I have been at in the city that had an indoor pool.

084/365 mean seagull

084/365 mean seagull, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

don’t mess with this guy’s trashcan. He’ll totally attack you, as he did to some lady who tried to shoo him away.