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243/365 notfaraway

243/365 notfaraway, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

gotta give it up to my beautiful wife for allowing me to take and post this shot – 7 more weeks till #2 arrives. It’s starting to get real…!

242/365 farewellagain

another day, another farewell. Plus, I think I have been to JCT Kitchen 4 or 5 times in the past month, after not being there for a year. And the more I go, the less I am impressed – I used to be in love with this place – now it’s just OK. Anyway, we lost a colleague and friend today to the US team. He’ll be so close but so far away. Good luck buddy!

241/365 miyagi

241/365 miyagi, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

without a doubt, my ultimate hero – Mr Miyagi. Karate Kid – one of the great 80s movies alongside Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller – had many great lines and scenes, but one of the most awesome was when Mr Miyagi caught the fly with his chopsticks. I vowed to one day learn this art and moved to Japan to study under the eye of the master. Well, that day has come. And now we will celebrate (see bokeh 祭 background for the festive mood). Wax on, Daniel-san.

240/365 yakiniku

240/365 yakiniku, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

had pretty much given up on yakiniku in America. Been to two Gyukaku stores in Chicago and LA and both sucked. Went to a few Korean BBQ places in Atlanta and NYC that were OK, but just not the same. The last hope was to do it ourselves, but never able to get decent meat. Well, finally today I found some good beef – shimofuri (the white lines of fat in the beef) and all. And some decent kurobuta (black pig) pork too. With some kimchi, sea salt, garlic, yakiniku sauce, Korean seafood, veggies, and of course a Coke, it was delicious!!

239/365 photography101

today we went to help a friend learn how to use her new DSLR. They got it before baby Zoe was born but never really learned how to use it so I gave them the super basics (which I will list below since I know they forgot already) so they can take more good pictures – cause if you have a little (big!) girl this cute, it is almost a crime to not capture them…

1) Keep the aperture as low a number as you can when shooting portraits and try to use the zoom for portraits outdoors
2) Keep the ISO as low as you can but don’t be afraid to jack it up indoors – a grainy photo is better than a blurry one
3) leave white balance on auto, but indoors, experiment with tungsten or fluorescent (and don’t forget to return to auto when done)
4) shoot often – always keep the camera handy
5) rapid fire – you can always delete crap, but can’t reshoot missed opportunities

238/365 twothirtyeight

today is number 238. that is about all that will be remembered from today.

237/365 addicted

237/365 addicted, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

it is partially the fault of this 365, and partially my addiction to Flickr. But this is my life pretty much every night for the past 236 nights and the remaining 128. No photoshop in this photo, on either screen.

236/365 firstdayofschool

well, she really missed the first day of school cause we were in Chicago on Monday but Nyla went to her own first day of school today. Mommy made her delicious bento box (which also meant I got my 365 finished at 7am (!!!) which was great. We also started a tradition today of taking Nyla’s first-day-of-school-picture-in-front-of-the-front-door series which will continue for the next 18 years (I hope). She was apparently great at school and enjoyed it!

235/365 nakedescape

235/365 nakedescape, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

our baby hit her naked phase – when she takes off her own diaper and decides it is fun to run around the house. I tried to put a slightly slower shutter speed to blur her naked but so she only partially hates me when she gets older 😉

234/365 byebyechicago

back from a long weekend in Chicago. Didn’t have the opportunity to take many great pics but hopefully got a few. Also never got to hit up the places I wanted at the time I wanted (when a billion people weren’t there) so I had to get creative. This is Cloud Gate (aka the Bean) at Millennium Park in downtown Chicago. The bean really was amazingly cool and would love to be there with no one else around.