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335/366 brought to you by the letter L

334/336 not everyone in bed is unhappy

it seems like no one is 100% and everyone has something different wrong with them, but still good to see some smiles – they usually (temporarily) cure anything.

333/366 back to the 1800s

its appears that I have strep throat. And apparently the cure for such thing is penicillin and salt water. It is amazing how some things like phones evolveexponentially and life saving medicine remains the same for almost 150 years.

332/366 this is my life

at least for the past three days. Keeping it exciting by switching between beds. Yay! Being sick sucks.

331/366 my view for today

didn’t make it outside today, hardly even made it out of my bed. But I am blessed to at least have a window next to my bed, even if it is pointed directly at my neighbors window, it is still an escape to the outside world. Not feeling good today…

330/366 play outside

330/366 play outside, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

today I was not in a good condition but it was so beautiful out that I wanted to at least go for a quick stroll to the playground. The leaves are mostly on the ground now but still was able to capture the autumn feel when Mommy went to pick up Nyla. Me on the other hand, hardly had the energy to pick up my camera.

329/366 back to normal

everyone home in ATL for the first time in a month. Kids fighting, place a mess. Its good to be home.