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120/365 goodbye again

since the first farewell party a month or two ago didn’t really work out we had another attempt today. Glad to see a bigger turnout. It was a beautiful day in Atlanta and great to see all my old marketing time friends.

119/365 nope

119/365 nope, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

not in the exploring or creative mood. Too much stuff do.

118/365 overwhelmed

118/365 overwhelmed, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

there is a mall that is a good 15 miles OTP (outside the perimeter) but still worth the journey cause it has some nice stores and a great kids play area. It was super rainy today (traffic accidents all over the place) but wanted to let the girls run a bit so we went there. For a 3 year old, stepping foot into the play area might be a bit overwhelming, but luckily they don’t think like that. She got her 60 minutes of play today.

117/365 weekend away

117/365 weekend away, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

we do a lot of stuff as a family but not much without the girls. So as an anniversary / birthday gift, Toshimi and I went to the Ritz at Reynolds Plantation. It is unbelievably expensive but its all good. Toshimi hit the spa and had a great experience. Spent some time on the grounds and one of the restaurants as well. Great night away and thanks to Heather (tonight) and Darrah (tomorrow) for taking care of the girls!

116/365 she’s back!

got my camera back from Canon today. It felt like an eternity although it really was only 12 days. It seems like the cheap battery I bought on eBay was the cause… Get what you pay for I guess. Funny that I pay so much for the camera and lenses and then cheap out on the batteries. Guess I learned my lesson this time.

115/365 happy birthday toshimi

today is Toshimi’s birthday. I am not a seafood fan by any means but since Toshimi is, we went to the best new restaurant of 2012 according to some magazine, The Optimist (a seafood restaurant). I’ve been there 4 times now which is odd for a food I avoid (obviously I am in the minority in Atlanta) but it seemed like Toshimi and the girls liked it which is all that matters. Anyway, Happy Birthday Toshimi – I’m certain it will be another memorable year!

114/365 apple strikes back

although Wall Street appears to hate Apple right now, my family still loves them. Luckily we have worked to get my company to love Apple too so half of the products you see are furnished by work, which is great. Kylie always gets jealous of the bigger versions…

113/365 back on the bike

been about 6 months since the last time I was really on my bike. Got 4 other Coke guys together for a ride on the Buckhead Bellyache and probably should have been a bit more choosey on the skill levels because by the time we were finished, super triathlete Ross was bored and hardly breaking a sweat while slowpoke Alan kept trying to hail a taxi with a bike rack to bring him home. Regardless, still a great ride and good to be back on the wheels.

112/365 laughing all the way

to the bank, or so the saying goes. I guess I should be dissapointed I got a refund because that means I paid too much over the past year but it always feels good getting what is basically free money when you look at the glass half full.

111/365 giraffe

111/365 giraffe, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

hello giraffe.