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060/366 training group

day 2 of training complete. It was a good group of people – the most participative group yet which is always nice. And you gotta give them credit – when it is so amazingly nice weather outside, they still don’t get distracted (well most of them) and concentrate on the material in a dark, windowless room. Next time I gotta figure out how to take this training outside…


059/366 westin dubai mina seyahi

didn’t have much time to take pictures today with training and everything so made a stop outside in front of the hotel and grabbed a shot. Pretty beautiful looking hotel entrance. Even nicer if you could see some of the cars parked at the entrance – I think if I ever get tired of this job I’ll become a valet parking attendant at some swanky place in Dubai…

058/366 hotel breakfast

pretty sure I have said it here before, but I love hotel breakfasts. And this one could possibily be my favorite one ever! Not only was the place immaculate, humongous, and had everything possible thing I could want (they even have alcohol and pork which are taboo here in Dubai) but then I get to eat it outside looking at the palm trees, birdies landing on my table, and beach and ocean. Too cool. So far, I am in love with Dubai. The grocery store had everything I eat in America, the mall had every shop in America (went there for work, not shopping though) – even a gigantic indoor ski slope, and the weather is perfect (although apparently in the summer it is 50C / 122F so you can’t even walk outside). Oh, McDonalds is abundant so it truly is paradise. Only downside so far besides the price – the internet in the hotel sucks… Everything here is futuristic except the wifi…

057/366 westin dubai mina seyahi

welcome to my room in the Westin resort. Pretty nice! I haven’t yet jumped on the bed but I’m sure I will. The view of the huge palm island is out my window (although you can only tell it is a palm from the sky) and multiple pools and bars and restaurants and beaches await me outside. Unfortunately, meetings and training sessions and workshops also await me, so we’ll have to be creative on how I get to both…

056/366 business class

fourteen hour flight from Atlanta to Dubai. This has to be the most excited I have ever been to go on a business trip. So far, so good – Delta’s nicest business class seats. Here’s to hoping this is a good one!

055/366 super stove

055/366 super stove, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

boss’s house. She has a super stove. Viking. Pretty cool. Lots of knobs.

054/366 see the light

played soccer against the most mean spirited and unpleasant team and person today. I actually filed an official complaint, the first time i have ever done that. It just isn’t fun and it is dangerous as well. Luckily there weren’t any fights although two of us (me included) almost got in one – and probably better that we didn’t since the guy is at least 220 pounds and 6 inches taller. Well, I could have hit and run I guess. But if we had of fought, I imagine this is the picture I would have seen when I woke up…