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121/366 tuk tuk

121/366 tuk tuk, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

big meeting in town this week with people from Coke around the world all showing up. I’m not in the meeting but a bunch of people I know are, so I took a few out to dinner at a Thai restaurant called Tuk Tuk. Of course, we had to finish the meal with a ride on the Tuk Tuk.

120/366 already sundown

this was not the plan – the plan was to walk out around 7:30 and take some shots in nice light. But Kylie wasn’t having any of that, and 1 hour later, when she finally went to sleep, I ran outside to grab this. I am pretty sure I have taken a similar shot before but had I of spent too much time thinking, there would have been no light left at all.

119/366 new best friend

kylie met her new best friend today in this $2 mirror I bought at a yard sale. She normally only smiles like that when Nyla is around, but today she found someone who smiles back just as big.

118/366 ogawara-san dinner

on a short term assignment from Japan and entering his last week in Atlanta, this was the last chance to meet up and take him out for a meal. We went to the good old reliable spot, Maggiano’s. We then realized that we probably have been to Maggiano’s more than any other restaurant in Atlanta. Anyway, this is one of the few group pictures where both Nyla and Kylie were actually looking at the camera.

117/366 scary sky

117/366 scary sky, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

felt only one drop of rain while on the soccer field but the sky scared me into putting everything non-essential back into my car. Got taken out by the manager of the fields and a big cut up left arm to prove it, but we we slaughtered them 10-0 so take that. Good start to my inaugural season as player/manager/coach.

116/366 toshimi’s birthday

today Toshimi turned a whopping 36 years old! She didn’t really have any places she really wanted to go or things she really wanted (or at least told me she wanted) so I had to guess on both accounts. Let’s just say I am a good guesser.

115/366 sitting pretty

now that Kylie can sit (when put in that position) I figured it was time for a different perspective.