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304/365 monster

304/365 monster, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

happy Halloween!

303/365 lovelyladybug

since Halloween is on a Monday this year, Nyla’s preschool had a trunk-or-treat party where all the kids trick-or-treat out of the trunks of people’s cars in the parking lot. This was the first Halloween that Nyla could walk and talk and she did a great job, holding out until the end to eat one of the many lollipops that she loves so much. She was a sheep last year, a ladybug this year. Want to see how long we can hold out until the inevitable request – I want to be a princess – which we are doing our best to avoid at whatever cost…

302/365 horsey

302/365 horsey, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

she’s on a horse. The horse is dressed as a clown. Nyla is dressed as a ladybug. Neither of them enjoyed it – but check the box, Nyla has now been on a horse.

301/365 watchthethrone

and there they are, Jay-Z and Kanye on stage in Atlanta during their Watch the Throne tour. I used to love Kanye although as he has become a maniac his music has also changed and grown away from me. Never been a huge Jay-Z fan but gotta respect him and he has some great songs. A friend gave me a last minute call to go to the show and the seats happened to be 8 rows from the stage – not too bad… It rocked.

300/365 300

300/365 300, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

yep, only 65 days to go. Down the home stretch! Today’s shot made entirely with camera equipment used to get this far…

299/365 goodbyecomcast

i hate Comcast. I also hate DirecTv. But since Comcast decided to totally jack up the prices on me (more 100% increase) I had to leave them. Truth is, I wanted to leave cable entirely but unfortunately I am not the only stakeholder here… So we are trading in for my old nemesis, DirecTv. Let’s see how it goes…

298/365 soccernight

298/365 soccernight, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

Played our 6 x 6 soccer game for the first time in 3 weeks after two consecutive forfeits due to our players not showing up. We lost as expected, but what was awesome was that we lost 8-1, but scored the 1 with about 10 seconds left, which meant the other team didn’t get the shutout points and were extremely pissed. We were jubilant, running off the field high fiving each other as the other team complained and moaned – who would have guessed we lost 8-1. Anyway, got to the game 1.5 hours early so had some time to do some shooting and took this shot and that one.