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302/365 bed landing

302/365 bed landing, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

figured I could improvise a better landing than my pilot did in Boston today. Luckily I was landing on a Hyatt bed, not a concrete runway, but still – I did a better job.

301/365 forgive me kylie!

someday she’ll find this photo and hate me. Runny nose, potty time, strange face. Till then it’ll be worth it.

300/365 three hundred

since my 100 and 200 this year were kind of flops, I was all set on doing a proper 300. Then I totally forgot about it, then when I remembered I tried to think of something interesting (all that I could come up with was recreating the movie 300 which after a quick search, has been done to death) so right when I was going to throw in my hat, I remembered I hadn’t put Nyla’s jack-o-lantern in yet. So, not really sure of the connection to 300 but at least it is festive.

299/365 alone in a sea of clouds

drove over to Marin to grab a group shot with the Golden Gate bridge and saw this guy camped out beyond the fence waiting to grab a shot of the bridge. The fog was just rolling in, fast and furious right through our vista point and the sun was still fighting to stay above it. Something about the scene made me want to capture him instead of the bridge.

298/365 albuquerque

298/365 albuquerque, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

spelling lesson – who can actually spell Albuquerque? I finally got it down and then I realized everyone here just writes ABQ. Well, ABQ may be my second home for the next few months. Not sure how I feel about that, and not in love with no direct flight on Delta from SF, not in love with the fact that Breaking Bad was spoiled for me while I am still on Season 3, but super excited to be here! ABQ also appears to the franchise capital of the world – never seen so many chain stores in my life.

297/365 bed jump prep

back in a hotel again and of course first order of business – bed jumping. But instead of just posting another bed jump, figured I post the moment before – concentration, focus, timing, the combination of immense raw talent and highly trained skill that all comes together before the bed jump – yep, this is what it looks like.

296/365 pumpkin carving

finally got around to carving the jack o lantern today. Now that Nyla is 4, she got to design her first face, both girls got to clean out its guts, and then the grownups got to carve. I’m sure the jack o lantern will makes it appearance on a future 365 post so I’ll leave us all in suspense with this shot instead.