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151/365 cryformommy

151/365 cryformommy, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

Today was a big day for Nyla. After 19 months of being with her Mommy for most every waking hour, she finally is being set free. Her first day at daycare and then Mommy went on a night out during dinner time, leaving baby Nyla all alone with Daddy. She couldn’t understand why Mommy was getting in the car and Daddy staying home and kept saying goodbye to me… Then when she realized what was happening: instant giant tears. This was her expression when I told her Mommy is never coming back again (I’m probably too mean…) and she put her hand over her mouth over to muffle her rapid fire “NO!!!”s. Poor baby, she’ll be happy tomorrow morning when she sees Mommy again.

150/365 morning

150/365 morning, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

out on the golf course for the first time since Oct 2010. Good to be out as the sun rises, the grass is still covered in dew, and it isn’t deadly hot and humid yet. Also, sometimes it is nice to appreciate pictures with their limitations – not using HDR or processing them to get everything looking how you want.

149/365 ukelele

149/365 ukelele, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

i decided to take a picture of my wife’s ukelele today because I wanted to make it feel loved since it has been sitting unused since I gave it to her for her birthday. Can’t blame her though, a baby needs attention every second of the day (and no way I could do that!)

148/365 piedmontpark

148/365 piedmontpark, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

went to the new fountains at Piedmont Park today to let Nyla play in what must be the most exciting place for kids in the world. Well, most exciting for every kid in the world except Nyla who was the only one who hated the fountains. They only time she was partially happy was when I threw the ball and she fetched it like a dog. Weird. But she looked cute so it’s all good.

147/365 openlove

147/365 openlove, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

I was planning on taking a photo of Coca-Cola today for the past three weeks. But the shot I was planning didn’t happen thanks to the crazy thunderstorms yesterday that literally ripped through Atlanta and the canvas covering the Coke Building that was supposed to be lit up tonight. So, no canvas, no projections, no photo. But I still had Coke on my mind so I decided for a different shot. So, Happy belated 125 Birthday / 125th Anniversary Coca-Cola (actually May 8th) and keep on opening happiness and love for us all.

146/365 doireallyhaveto?

was planning on taking a picture of the awesome 3D projection on the Coke building tonight. Negotiated a rooftop, had the perfect vantage point, timing was set, everything was good – except one thing. Crazy thunderstorms which not only prohibited me from getting to the rooftop for the show, but also tore down the sheets off the Coke building, so not only did I not get to shoot it today but likely never will since I doubt they are going to repair the sheets… So sad. So this is my look of, *do I really have to?” – take a picture that is…

145/365 icanseethelight

when we moved into this house, the door didn’t have a peep hole. I thought this to be so strange – a design flas even. This thinking of course comes from always living in apartments where peep holes are required design. So we put one in, and although it really has served no purpose, today it finally did. The sun was shining right through the hole so I decided to capture that shot. Yes folks, I can see the light – and it is telling me I wasted my $62.50 on the peep hole and installation.