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365/365 that’s that

I’ll see ya when I see ya, 2013.

364/365 sunrise to sunset and beyond

did a lot of driving today. 501 miles, but felt like much longer with some crying babies and a lot of LA traffic. I really dislike LA… Anyway, glad to be home, and made it on only one 5 Hour Energy. No time for a proper shot – this was from 90 mph on I-5 with the iPhone.

363/365 san diego skyline

and our family pic for San Diego. I was rooting for the Chargers to win today to help usher the Dolphins into the playoffs. Of course that required the Dolphins to also win. But they suck, and they lost. And good for the Chargers, they did the improbable and made the playoffs. And the Dolphins had another mediocre season. Depressing.

362/365 scripps pier

362/365 scripps pier, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

returned to UCSD for the first time in 15 years – since this school broke my heart by rejecting me – changing the course of my life forever. Probably for the best – I went to a better school that actually had my major, ended up in Japan, and so on, but what a beautiful campus. Anyway, this pier is on the campus so stopped by at sunset to grab an under the pier shot. Now I am dismantling my tripod clean all the sand since a rouge wave nearly took me out.

361/365 love’s

361/365 love’s, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

our annual year end road trip tradition moved from the East to the West, but one thing we thought was over was the Love’s truck stop photo. Thought they were just the Southeast. There was only one between San Francisco and San Diego, but we stumbled upon it and tried (unsuccessfully) to make heart marks with our hands. Obviously need a teenage girl to teach us.

360/365 hole in the wall

spent the day in Monterey and Big Sur today. I have wanted to go to Big Sur for a long time and finally made it. But 2-3 hours is certainly not enough time and have much more to shoot. Unfortunately 3 hours from SF is a bit far for a day trip. Anyway, made it to Pfeiffer beach and of course there was no reception and I couldn’t use my Photographer’s Ephemeris app to figure out where the sun would set to grab it through the hole in the rock, which is only visible 1 month of the year. Anyway, I guess my experience watching sunsets paid off because I guessed exactly right while the other 40 tripod carrying photographers all scrambled to get prime locations behind me. This shot was as the sun hit the horizon. My other account has the sun right in the middle 🙂

359/365 santa dropped by

we thought Santa might not be able to stop by this year given all the bad weather around the world. But luckily, he was able to make a brief pit stop on his way back to the North Pole after his deliveries last night. And finally, I was able to meet him – as I happened to be out of the house the last two years he came to visit…

358/365 japanese christmas dinner

every year, following traditional Japanese customs (…) we do the KFC Christmas Dinner. If you have been following along in previous years, you might recall that some marketing genius at KFC Japan figured out a way to fool an entire country into believing that KFC is what you eat on Christmas. We carried this tradition back with us to America, where unlike Japan which requires a reservation for pickup at KFC 1 month in advance, KFC isn’t even open on Christmas here – so we moved it to Christmas Eve. Anyway, as always, the KFC was deserted and we grabbed our take-out and enjoyed another Japanized American Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas!!

357/365 deck the city halls with…

green and red lights. The other side of City Hall, which I walk by every day, had a huge Christmas tree but also a thousand people. This, hardly know and rarely visited side was completely empty. I chose the path less traveled and luckily had my camera with my on my home from the office.

PS: Did you know this is the biggest dome in the US, just slightly bigger than Capitol Hill?

356/365 iphone magic

356/365 iphone magic, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

i forgot my camera at a friend’s house today and was forced to get creative. Figured I’d push my iPhone to the limit and see what it could do. This was one of a few experiments – no lenses or filters or anything. Pretty impressed with its versatility.