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113/365 everylastdrop

Nyla is already in love with Coke. Well, actually, she probably gets about one sip a month, but she loves it when she gets it. And now that she can drink by hersel she makes sure she gets every last drop of Coca-Cola that she can. It is nice having such a small face that it fits entirely into this glass!


112/365 90210

112/365 90210, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

We are staying in Beverly Hills, but nothing quite as fancy as the name would imply. Plus, it is free (points) so that helps too. But there were two places I wanted to see in Beverly Hills – the Rodeo Drive sign and the Beverly Hills sign. This Beverly Hills sign was in quite a non-Beverly Hills type place though – which was disspaointing on one hand but allowed me to mess around on the other. Thus, this picture.

111/365 runnylarun!!

111/365 runnylarun!!, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

This is probably mean spirited but whatever. I still root for the man mostly because I feel sorry for him on the golf course, but you gotta admit off the course, he is one shady fellow. So anyway, at Madame Tussauds wax museum, they happened to have a Tiger Woods there and Nyla also happened to absolutely hate the place and all the extremely real looking celebs. So, I knew I had a great shot when I dropped Nyla in front of the gaze of a concentrating Tiger. Raychel Coudriet, his 22 year old neighbor who he used to babysit for doesn’t seem so young anymore…

110/365 vastyetcongested

arove in LA today. So far, so good. Drove up Mulholland Drive this evening to get a shot of the city and what was supposed to take 20 minutes took 50. Yep, the traffic sucks here and I didn’t even use a highway… Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

109/365 lalaland

109/365 lalaland, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

Tomorrow morning LA bound. Surprising even to myself, I have never really been to LA other than a one night stop back in my senior year of high school to check out a couple of colleges. So, looking forward to hitting up city with the family for a few days beginning tomorrow. Too many places to take pictures of – I need to do some serious planning but don’t have time!!

108/365 climbalamppost

Time to switch it up from the macros and Nyla photos – I went for a walk around the neighborhood (with Nyla of course) and ended up with this shot of a lamppost. I actually like the shot I took below better but for some reason couldn’t throw this one away…

107/365 nyla<3elmo

107/365 nyla, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

So, I had planned to take this picture a few weeks ago and made the voice call out back then to prepare. Finally today I got to take it. Hard to keep a baby interested for long so went rapid fire for about 3 minutes and got a few I liked. I am pretty happy with this one.Thanks for the great modeling from my daughter and assistance in giving her Elmo from my wife – or as she calls it, “Imo”.