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182/366 i was in hong kong

just wanted to have a picture to prove it. This was 15 minutes before a flash typhoon came and washed all the tourists away…

181/366 tourist fun

181:366 tourist fun, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

when you are a tourist, you get to do stuff that locals often wouldn’t. Today that was case as well. Arrived in Hong Kong for 48 hours and immediately found my way to get on the double decker trolly. It is the most inefficient means of travel (sooooo slow) but it was fun to ride up top (must be the English influence) and it was only like $0.35… And the funny thing was that there were so many of them and we ended up chasing this guy (I am using the term ‘chase’ very loosely – walking would have been faster) for half the journey. Tons of fun.

180/366 coolest lounge ever

bye bye Finland. I tried to get on an earlier flight but got denied so got stuck in the Helsinki airport for 6 hours. The good news is, the airport is great. Free wifi, clean, nice shops, good restaurants, and a very very cool lounge. Not the best one I have ever been in (that honor goes to Virgin in Heathrow) but the coolest – Scandinavian design at its best. And did you know, these hanging chairs were invented in Finland? Anyway, happy to spend my time at this lounge.

179/366 post

179/366 post, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

a bit of a different shot for me. But I liked it. The post office here has a really cool sign, and this is half of half of it. You’ll have to Google it to see the rest, but this is my favorite part. Anyway, I picked up so much stuff already along the way of this trip (paper, books, stuffed dolls – none of which I bought or expected to be bringing with me) that I couldn’t carry it with me anymore and had to ship it home. Thus, today’s photo. Helsinki is great, but I am ready to get out of here tomorrow and move on to the next.

178/366 rainbow over helsinki

finished meetings here today earlier than planned, got a much needed nap for an hour, then off to dinner in the Torni hotel which was the highest building in Helsinki for 60 years and now is #4, but still has the best view. This picture was taken around 10:00pm or so, and I walked around until 1:30am just waiting for it to get dark, but I lost. It doesn’t get dark. It’s weird. At least I was treated with a very brief and faint but happy rainbow for my troubles.

177/366 fantastic dinner

when I travel I do a lot of dinners. The people I am meeting generally take us out at least once and it generally isn’t to McDonalds (I do that on my own). Usually it is to nice places – but I have to say tonight’s dinner at Restaurant HSS Boathouse was one of the best, if not the most memorable. We took a ferry to an island where lots of boats are docked and the restaurant used to be a boathouse (obviously). And lucky for me, the meal wasn’t seafood based. There must have been 6 courses (I took a picture of each one) and all were delicous. And we were there till 10:30pm and of course, it was still light out since the sun sets at 11pm and it never really gets dark. Anyway, I probably should have done a collage of the food but I don’t have time. This was the table where the food was placed at least…

176/366 helsinki cafe

met up with my old high school roommate who is living in Helsinki now and strolled around town today. Apparently it was Mid Summer’s Holiday which is like the summer solstice and some important thing here so most of the places were closed today but still saw most of the city because it isn’t that big. This was a cafe on the lake/bay/sea that was tiny but had tons of outdoor seating and was very cool. Orange juice and cinnamon buns – I can do that.

175/366 chocolate mountain

all I can say is good thing we don’t have this in America… Taken at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam as I spent a 5 hour layover enjoying perhaps my favorite airport in the world. One of these days I’d like to walk out of the airport and actually go see Holland though – that would be awesome.

174/366 kenya training

biggest group I have had so far – 50 people. From a group of 39 countries all in central Africa. Finished now, it was a good session, but was stuck in this crappy hotel for most of the time I was here although this evening I did go to a gigantic bus depot in Nairobi to see an innovation I worked on actually in the market – pure chaos, and wouldn’t have ever dreamed of going there alone. As you can imagine, a white guy with red shoes, a clean white shirt, a tie and a camera, in a bus depot in Nairobi tends to draw attention to himself… Anyway, leaving tomorrow for destination #3, Helsinki.

173/366 why not

173/366 why not, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

random, yes. But this hotel is very uninspiring.