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059/365 lol!

059/365 lol!, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

OK, I declare that this is and will be the worst picture I take on my 365 but also the funniest, so I just had to post it. I so miss all the Engrish examples from living in Japan, but this one definitely challenges for the best. Found in an elevator in some Moscow suburbanian mall was this Engrish translation of elevator operating instructions. I have taken the liberty of noting my favorite parts, but feel free to add you own ๐Ÿ™‚

058/365 moscowunderground

Well, when it is below zero temperature the only place to go in Moscow is below ground – into the Moscow Metro. I had seen some pictures of how ornate and beautiful the subways are in Moscow, and since the system here is topped only by the Tokyo subway system, I figured I had to give it one more shot. Ended up spending around 4 hours underground today and was all over the city. Got stopped numerous times by all sorts of police in the metro but never had any real trouble. I “think” I have some nice pictures but there were way too many people everywhere I went which was dissapointing since I like pictures without people, but nothing I can do about that. Need my Mac and a lot of time to go through all the shots, so I just grabbed this capture for today.

057/365 freezing

057/365 freezing, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

So, had some time today to walk around. Bad idea. I mean, I had to do it – wasn’t going to stay in the hotel since I don’t know if I’ll ever be in Russia again, but the perpetually cloudy sky and the HIGH temp of -12C (11F) are not conducive for photography. 30 min walk from the hotel to Red square ended up being 1.5 hours since I kept stopping to take pictures and I walked for 45 minutes without walking past a single person – in the middle of Moscow! It was a weird place to walk, but they must have known something I didn’t. Anyway, spent 6 hours around/in red square really to just take pictures of three buildings there – and really because I had to keep going back into that mall to fight off frostbite. Then took me 1hr to go two stops on the Metro which is IMPOSSIBLE to navigate if you don’t speak/read Russian… But – happy to be here and happy my extremities are all in working order ๐Ÿ™‚

056/365 nowthisisabar

Meetings finally over, and on to the weekend. Hit up a couple of pretty nice bars this evening/night. One was the city space bar on top of this swissotel which has apparently been named top 10 bars in the world – fantastic view but not good for photos with all the horrible glare and reflection – you’d think they would design it better if they are going to sell the view that hard. Then hit up some other place I only know of as ะปัƒั‡. It was pretty cool and had this awesome shelf – they weren’t messing around with this one. Was surprisingly able to hold the camera still with very little shake in the dark environment on 800 iso for .5 sec even with a decent amount of vodka consumption. I’m impressed with myself.

055/365 urinals

055/365 urinals, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

Russia is a funny country. Now of course I have only been in the airport and this killer hotel, but not the country I have expected so far… Amazing food, beautiful facilities – only thing as expected is the freezing cold. No time to shoot anything today but these urinals did catch my eye. Not sure if it was the lack of dividers or the aerodynamic shape or the clenliness but I felt like I had to take a picture. I think this is my first shot of a urinal ever…

054/365 exhausted

054/365 exhausted, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

Wow, I’m dying. Drank too much last night, didn’t get any sleep except for the hour I passed out as I was supposed to be getting ready to head to the airport. So added to the hang over and fatigue was stress of getting to my plane, then finally make it to Russia and the freaking radioactive sensor goes off thanks to ridiculous nuclear stress tests from a few weeks ago. Needless to say, Russian customs people didn’t think it was as funny as I did… Finally get to this magnificent hotel and too burnt out to enjoy the food or the awesome room (hotel is rated #1 in Moscow on TripAdvisor!). Hopefully have some decent Moscow pics this weekend…

053/365 mykindaplace

How can you go wrong with food in Berlin? Meat and cheese? Fantastic. I’d be the biggest fatest person in the world, but happy getting there. This is the restaurant (Tauro Iberico) we had dinner at which was actually a tapas restaurant with menus in German and Spanish, but no English, so I struggled with the menu but not with the food (surprising because I am such a picky eater – thanks to my colleauges who helped me navigate!). But just in case it didn’t work out, I capped off the meal with a great hamburger across the street at a huge restaurant/bar/lounge called “White Trash” – go figure.