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091/366 when you come home…

the first thing you do is kiss your girls. The second thing you do is go to a classic American institution like Olive Garden to get your American food craving fulfilled. Thank you Olive Garden for you delicious all-you-can-eat salad & bread sticks and your horribly bad main courses. And somehow, even at 5pm, the place already had a 20 min wait. Amazing.

090/366 bye bye india

its been two weeks but finally ready for my journey home. 19 hours in planes and not business class for a change – good for a dose of reality. Just hoping I don’t get stuck next to someone who hasn’t taken a shower recently or has had one McIndia too many… Anyway, this is a shop in the Indian airport – unlike most places in this country, the airport is surprisingly clean and modern. I think that is because it is privately owned… Anyway, next stop (after Amsterdam layover) – the USA!

089/366 coke studio india

went to a show this evening after our first workshop day to see the Indian version of Coke Studio – a fusion of different genres of Indian music. A very cool program with some very cool musicians – if you look close, you can see the three guys in front all have very unusual instruments that are unique to their region in India. It was all new and interesting to me but the locals seem to love it!

088/366 westin gurgaon

back at this hotel after a two day trip to Agra. Yesterday, after not having food poisoning or malaria or anything like that, I got a little bit courageous and had some cocktail that was made of ice. Bad idea. This was my view for the majority of waking hours of the day today thanks to me eating ice… Now I have 3 different types of Indian meds I am taking (they are cheap here, which kind of frightens me) and hoping that I am feeling better since I am for the next two days in workshops… At least the hotel room is a nice play to spend the day.

087/366 happy meal with polio

ok, I am sure this is a great idea but as an American visiting an Indian McDonalds (which is the world’s worst btw) and being greeted with a sign that says Polio on it just doesn’t put me in the mood for a happy meal.

086/366 symmetry

086/366 symmetry, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

never seen more symmetry anywhere than I have in India. And since I have a secret love affair with symmetry, it really makes me happy. Odd. This was the Agra Fort / Red Fort which overlooks and protects the Taj Mahal.

085/366 taj mahal

085/366 taj mahal, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

well, check that box. It was pretty amazing. And a word of advice for anyone visiting – don’t try to bring a tripod (even a mini one), any food, extra batteries or memory cards, books, or tons of other things. Or they’ll confiscate them. Not the way you want to start your visit to one of the Wonders of the World.

084/366 humayun’s tomb

saw some of the sites of Delhi today. India Gate. Jami Madjid mosque. Mehrauli Park with Qutb Minar. And this is the Tomb of Humayun, which was the coolest. And considering how hot it was, the inside was also the second coolest (least hot) place I went. The top of the minaret in Jami Masjid was the coolest with the wind blowing and the sweeping views over Old Delhi. Very cool.

083/366 hotel lamp

083/366 hotel lamp, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

this is one of the cool lamps that was in my hotel room in Istanbul. I left at 4am and am now in India. But it’s bedtime. Tomorrow off to see some of the sights in Delhi.

082/366 jar fruit

082/366 jar fruit, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

ate dinner today in a traditional Turkish restaurant. I am one of the least adventurous when it comes to food and if I can’t identify it, I won’t even try it. But I went for some “freshness” today and tried a bunch of unidentifiable foods – and with the exception of one, they were all good! (just vegetables or meat or rice – no fish). I surprise myself sometimes. Anyway, these jars of fruit were at that restaurant in Taksim and caught my eye.