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update: Now that I have two blogs running here, this page is due for an update. threesixfive, which was initially a collection of photos that might last through the entire year of 2011 now has amassed over 1000 consecutive days of shooting and uploading a picture a day. Who knows when this will end, so it just keeps on going. Big Red Startup is the story of a Fortune 500 company acting like a startup. Both are written by me, AJ Brustein. If you want to learn more about me, I recommend google. If you want to learn more about these projects, I recommend clicking on them. If you want to learn more in general I recommend Wikipedia and Quora. Thanks for visiting.


I am making this blog in addition to my existing blog (ajbrustein.com) with the sole purpose of keeping track of my 2011 Project 365 (one photo a day for 365 days). I decided on a whim while reading a photo blog entry, but think it could be something amazingly fabulous or utterly annoying, but I am determined to do it and already can’t wait till it is over. I hope this project is able to bring some joy, interest, and fascination to someone other than myself, but that’ll be up to the content I guess. Stay tuned.

Legend: xxx/365 = day number of the project, starting on 1/1/11 and ending on 12/31/11.

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