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031/366 blue ridge grill

got roped into a dinner at the Blue Ridge Grill today. Actually, the food was good, the service the good, and it was a good time, I just wasn’t intending to be there. But it all worked out – except that it forced me to bail on my teammates for our 9pm call. Sorry guys! I had to make multiple visits to the bathroom to catch up on emails – and while I was there, I had to capture what has to be one of the more unusual bathrooms I have seen…

030/366 spring cleaning

since we kinda missed the new year’s clean, and it is a little early for spring cleaning (although it sure feels like spring here in Atlanta sometimes), there is still some serious cleaning and donating that needs to be done, starting with my closet.

029/366 sunset spin

029/366 sunset spin, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

stopped for a few minutes in Piedmont Park here in Atlanta on the way home and decided to grab the camera and Nyla and go for a spin. We had fun, although having the camera strap wrapped around my head in the middle of the park with the camera on rapid fire definitely caught some unneeded attention… Actually, there were quite a few odd people there so we fit right in!

028/366 my first car

028/366 my first car, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

when Nyla was born, I decided she was going to be the first female F1 driver in history. Today, she shattered my dreams. For Christmas we got her one of those 2mph drive yourself kids cars that I always wanted as a kid (and a super cool Mini Cooper S one at that – thank you Target Black Friday crazy discount sale!). Unfortunately I couldn’t attach the steering wheel until just the other day. So today was her first time in it. I should have returned it when i had the chance… She is too small for it, but as expected, she was too scared to drive it herself. We’ll try again and she said she likes it, but those natural race car driver instincts I was hoping to see never did come out… Oh well – Kylie will have to be the first female F1 racer instead.

027/366 what, how do you eat a cupcake?

apparently, this is how the Germans eat cupcakes. Elena says, “what, you gotta problem with the way I eat?!” as she stuffs down another cupcake to celebrate her birthday tomorrow.

026/366 bye bye bogota

back in the big ATL now after a good trip to Bogota Colombia. But Atlanta doesn’t feel too big after Bogota – that place is so expansive it is crazy – this is just one quadrant… Bogota was WAY better than I expected due to all the drugs and kidnapping and horror stories I had heard about it – totally cleaned up since then. If you get a chance to go, take some time to enjoy it!

025/366 testing the bed

gotta test the bed in the hotel, you know. Hilton Bogota, passed the test.

024/366 trained

024/366 trained, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

well, training session #1 for 2012 is complete. Had a great class here in Bogota from all over the region (Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, Costa Rica, etc) get together and at the end of the session, we took this picture in the red tunnel – one of the hundreds of cool things about the office – probably the coolest Coke office I have been to yet. Very impressive and sure makes me sad to go back to the office that time forgot in Atlanta…

023/366 hotel breakfast

yes, one of my favorite parts of traveling is the hotel breakfast. This one at the brand new Hilton Bogota is pretty good too due to the overwhelming variety of local fruits – delicious!

022/366 mandarina

022/366 mandarina, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

well, made it out of my hotel room for a few hours. Couldn’t find the main place I wanted to go (Simon Bolivar’s house) but did make it to Mount Monserrate (the big church / view on top of the mountain) and the Gold Museum (Museo de Oro). The gold museum was a beautiful museum but utterly boring – at least it was free on Sunday. The view on Monserrate was OK, although overcast so not that great. The church was just a church. Anyway, the most interesting thing about downtown Bogota was all the street venders. This one in particular had a large pigeon fan base.