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057/365 Wonolo Team

057/365 Wonolo Team, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

We missed out on taking the whole team shot but at least got the SF crew together at the end of the Launch Festival. Now back to work.

056/365 Wonolo Launch

We officially made Wonolo public today. It was a bit anticlimactic when we had hoped to be presenting to thousands and we ended up with about 40… But it was good to get the first time over with. The room filled up a little more at the end. And as always, I found a way to include at least one of my photos into my presentation, as seen here.

055/365 City Hall

055/365 City Hall, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

I wasn’t planning on posting this picture for today but it is just so cool seeing City Hall all lit up in rainbow colors I could t pass it up.

054/365 Hacker Zone

054/365 Hacker Zone, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

This was the final hours of a giant Launch Hackathon, and will be converted into conference space for the Launch Festival starting tomorrow. We’ll have a demo table for three days as well as making our first public appearance. Should be interesting.

052/365 Albuquerque from Above

Not much happening. 5 weeks in a row, flight delayed. Delta is doing just about everything they can to get me to switch airlines…

053/365 Familiar View

Even though it means I am at work on a Saturday (and will be again tomorrow) it still feels good to have this familiar view again. I have been here so infrequently this year I never would have guessed how reassuring the screams of heroin shooting prostitutes were until I heard them again today.

051/365 Newton’s Cradle

The coworking space in which we are residing in Albuquerque is called Newton’s Cradle. Don’t know why other than perhaps an excuse to buy a dozen of these things. Decided to test out the slo-mo app on the iPhone for this shot.

050/365 Dramatic Atlanta

From the top floor of the USA building at Coke. Looking at midtown over Georgia Tech.

049/365 W Buckhead

049/365 W Buckhead, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

Finally stayed at all the Ws in Atlanta. Surprisingly the one in Buckhead is the best. Love the rooms, nice location (if you like Buckhead) but horrible gym and ridiculously expense valet.

048/365 Go Team USA!!

I haven’t watched a minute of the Olympics this year. I don’t have TV and never home anyway. I actually like the Olympics so it’s kinda sad, but maybe next time.