004/365 learnedanewlesson

So I have already learned a new lesson in this 365. Don’t anticipate getting the shot you hoped for. For whatever reason the two shots yesterday and the shot today looked great – in my head – but then on the computer screen, it didn’t look like in my head. So now I am breaking out the creativity. I thought I would be doing that around day 50 or 75, not day 4. Yikes, this is going to be tough. Good thing baby has tons of fun colorful stuff to take pictures of! This is a Radio Flyer wagon btw – thought they were so dorky when I was a kid but seems like since retro is back in style, so is Radio Flyer. And she uses this to practice walking when I get home, but I think it is about time for her to let go and walk on her own…

003/365 mylittleangel

So I had planned on two different locations for my shot today, one potential and one backup. The potential was Go Karting where I went for the first time in many months and absolutely love it. I really think I should have been a racecar driver… Anyway, I wanted to get a panned shot of go karts but trying to do it hand-held is impossible. I need a monopod. So, my backup was the Japanese restaurant we planned on going to but of course, it is closed on Mondays… So, we went to a different one and I forgot to take pictures. So, my fall back shot is one I took this morning. Didn’t think I was going to have to break out the baby shots this early, but so be it. Its so white cause she is a little angel.

002/365 inadaze

002/365 inadaze, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

Today we hit up a new mall that somehow only had stories my wife was interested in. And I also got on my bike and rode for the first time in 2 months – which also happened to be my first exercise in 2 months. Thus, the daze. This was basically the vision out of my eyes today… BTW, the shot is at Victoria’s Secret…

001/365 – anoddnewyears

The aftermath. Somehow we got roped into babysitting someone else’s baby on New Year’s Eve. What this meant was canceling two party invites and holding someone else’s crying baby while the ball dropped. Not the start to 2011 that i had in mind, but an interesting way to kick off my photoproject – threesixfive I guess. And so it begins. BTW, the bottle of cognac was a gift from the babies parents, hence the shot.


January 1st, 2011. The start of a new year, and the first day of everyone’s new year’s resolutions. In fact, the only day when the majority of people still remember their new year’s resolutions. Lose weight, save money, find a girlfriend, etc etc. Why wait till new year’s resolutions to do those things anyway? Well, this year, it is going to be different for me. A perfect storm of reasons collided just yesterday to point me in the right direction – my 2011 new year’s resolution is to take at least one photo a day. It is called photoproject – threesixfive and what it means is that I will take and post one photo a day for 365 days (all of 2011) to document my life in pictures. It shouldn’t be that difficult – I have a plethora of photo-snapping devices from DSLRs to P&Ss to video cams to cell phones to webcams to even a couple of polaroids so that excuse is out the window. Flickr will host them and WordPress will display them. And with mobile publishing, travel shouldn’t even be an issue. Really, the only things that could hold me back are having too many shots to choose from, lack of creativity, or willpower to keep going.

The perfect storm that I mentioned was really jut a combination of getting back into taking shots, having an awesome new lens, a clean camera sensor (finally), learning about HDR, having a photogenic baby, and then reading a blog post of a 365 day project that someone was doing. I think the coolness of it all will be realized after the project is done and I look back at my year in pictures, but what got me motivated to do it was my feeling that something like this is just what I need to break me free from the landscape photography or beautiful baby subject state of mind that I am in and hopefully get me to more of the artistic / creative side of photography that is able to find beauty or interest in a scene that at first glance doesn’t necessarily have any at all. That is what I am after. I imagine some of the photos will be pretty damn boring. But that’s OK. It is a living experiment and all I hope is that I have the stamina to pull it out to the end.

So I hope you follow me on this journey, keep me honest, keep me inspired, and most importantly, keep me motivated to make it to the end. This project will be incremental – I will continue my normal Flickr account and my regular blog with this on top. (and for those that care, in order to do this, I will be creating a new Flickr account for this called ajbrusteinthreesixfive and blog all my photos from there. Not sure it is the best thing to do, but in my limited time to think about it, that was the solution). Stay tuned…