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054/365 Hacker Zone

054/365 Hacker Zone, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

This was the final hours of a giant Launch Hackathon, and will be converted into conference space for the Launch Festival starting tomorrow. We’ll have a demo table for three days as well as making our first public appearance. Should be interesting.

052/365 Albuquerque from Above

Not much happening. 5 weeks in a row, flight delayed. Delta is doing just about everything they can to get me to switch airlines…

053/365 Familiar View

Even though it means I am at work on a Saturday (and will be again tomorrow) it still feels good to have this familiar view again. I have been here so infrequently this year I never would have guessed how reassuring the screams of heroin shooting prostitutes were until I heard them again today.