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016/365 W

016/365 W, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

Four selfies back to back to back to back. I must weally weally wove myself or something.

015/365 In The Spotlight

Big presentation today was rewarded with a private (our group of 50) tour of the Georgia Aquarium which is like the biggest in the world or something. Quickly found my chance to break away from the group and go take shots. So many cool things I almost forgot to take my iPhone shots too for the 365. Luckily I remembered and ran back for this one. Looks like this is turning out to be selfie week.

014/365 Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Had a crappy view from my room. Asked for a better view. Didn’t get it but did get upgraded to a suite. Now to act like a Rock Star and trash the place.

012/365 The Middle Lane

I heard that lots of people are taking selfies and Vine videos while driving. How dangerous of them. It is much safer to look at the road though the camera like this.

013/365 Dark and Gloomy

Checked in to then W Downtown in ATL. Really nice hotel but as I drove up, I remembered why I never stayed here. Worst traffic ever. Anyway, love the W but not sure why they try to skimp on lights all the time.

011/365 Ignorance is Bliss

If you can’t read the sign, is it wrong?

010/365 Up in the Air

Back on the plane from ABQ to SLC then on to OAK. Why I spend an extra three/four hours in transit just to fly Delta instead of United or Southwest is slowly becoming incomprehensible even to me…