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011/365 Ignorance is Bliss

If you can’t read the sign, is it wrong?

010/365 Up in the Air

Back on the plane from ABQ to SLC then on to OAK. Why I spend an extra three/four hours in transit just to fly Delta instead of United or Southwest is slowly becoming incomprehensible even to me…

009/365 Checkers

009/365 Checkers, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

They have checkers at our hotel – giant ones. Yong never played before so I taught him the rules. And then proceeded to ruin him. Someday he’ll win so for now I’ll bask in my glory.

008/365 White

008/365 White, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

On my way to Albuquerque today, my loyalty to Delta takes me through Salt Lake City. There, like most of the country, was white and snowy. It doesn’t snow in SF and hardly snows in ATL so it was nice to see some snow especially with all the white around it. And since Utah is used to snow, didn’t affect my travel at all.

007/365 Celebratory Ramen

Got our first paying customer today. Big achievement for us. Celebrated with a bowl of my least favorite ramen in SF…

006/365 The Sky Was On Fire

I wake up to the west. Got out of the shower, came back out to the room and the sky was all lit up, so I ran over to the east and grabbed the sky on fire. I wish I had of been out shooting this morning…

005/365 After Christmas Fun

One of the best things about Christmas is the after Christmas sales. While waiting for Kylie’s stitches prescription I found the Christmas section at Walgreens filled with 75-90% off stuff – all perfectly fine, just Christmas / Winter themed. Got Mickey Mouse cupcake set for $1 and an activity for them to collaborate on today.