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358/365 japanese christmas dinner

every year, following traditional Japanese customs (…) we do the KFC Christmas Dinner. If you have been following along in previous years, you might recall that some marketing genius at KFC Japan figured out a way to fool an entire country into believing that KFC is what you eat on Christmas. We carried this tradition back with us to America, where unlike Japan which requires a reservation for pickup at KFC 1 month in advance, KFC isn’t even open on Christmas here – so we moved it to Christmas Eve. Anyway, as always, the KFC was deserted and we grabbed our take-out and enjoyed another Japanized American Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas!!

357/365 deck the city halls with…

green and red lights. The other side of City Hall, which I walk by every day, had a huge Christmas tree but also a thousand people. This, hardly know and rarely visited side was completely empty. I chose the path less traveled and luckily had my camera with my on my home from the office.

PS: Did you know this is the biggest dome in the US, just slightly bigger than Capitol Hill?

356/365 iphone magic

356/365 iphone magic, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

i forgot my camera at a friend’s house today and was forced to get creative. Figured I’d push my iPhone to the limit and see what it could do. This was one of a few experiments – no lenses or filters or anything. Pretty impressed with its versatility.

355/365 under the bridge

don’t tell anyone, I wasn’t really here… Took me 6 months to finally get down here – it is very difficult (and not exactly approved) to get down there, and even more difficult to get out. But the view is totally worth it. Funny enough, I met four other guys down there too, so it isn’t as mythical as I once thought. Regardless, the Bay Bridge is fantastic and this view of it might be the best.

354/365 happy fence friday

i made a promise to someone (Thuy) that I’d try to take an hff shot – and so I did. Funny, when you go out looking for fences in the city, they are surprisingly hard to come by…

353/365 drinks with the mayor

we were invited to a cocktail party with the Mayor and I got 20 seconds to pitch Wonolo and take a picture. Wasn’t able to get the picture today, but this picture is equally nice 🙂

352/365 virtual meets reality

digital people made into a piece of art shooting up into the sky. No idea what this is.