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345/365 video two

345/365 video two, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

hopped down to LA today to film the second of two videos. Somehow forgot to take an actual picture so this is a frame from one of the scenes in the video. Starting to get the hang of this video thing (although I still am horrible). Tried out a steadycam type rig and quickly gave up. Too heavy and too difficult to balance… Huge learning curve here…

344/365 humble pizza pie

our first infosession / get together with potential Wonoloers started off with high hopes. 2 dozen people RSVPed. 4 showed up. That’s 4 better than 0, but left us with a lot of spare pizzas and a couple of bruised egos. Good thing we cut the order halfway through. Anyway, such is the life of a startup.