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330/365 goodbye kitty

this Hello Kitty balloon has been with us for 6 weeks or so now – pretty amazing given that a year in helium balloon life is about 5,200 human years. I think she knew her time was up when I found her tonight staring out the window like this, waving goodbye to the world she loved – a world that loved her. But everyone’s time must come. We had a good ride together, Hello Kitty. Be well.


329/365 mileage run

329/365 mileage run, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

today’s itinerary: San Francisco -> Minneapolis -> New York -> Detroit -> San Francisco. All in a day’s work. It wasn’t actually that bad – and if I had of brought some Tylenol, it would have been great. Still one more mileage run coming up in a couple of weeks, and then I am finished. As I boarded the first flight, the lady next to me had just booked her mileage run as well. Guess it is that time of year… Got upgraded on all 4 flights which was nice. But now, I am pretty exhausted…