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310/365 gigaom conference

spent the majority of the day in a tech / design conference today – GigaOm Roadmap 2013. It was pretty interesting and I needed something to take my mind off work today. I took this picture because I thought it was so funny how everyone was on a computer or iPad or phone or something. But what I was actually really surprised about was how many people were taking notes with a pen and paper – totally unexpected at a tech conference in San Francisco…


309/365 relayrides party

hilarious story (ok, although you had to be there).
My colleague Yong and I went to a party for RelayRides, the car sharing service based in SF. I have rented out my car about 20 times since I moved here and Yong just started his. Anyway, we met some of the RelayRides staff including the CEO and they were all great.
After about 1.5 hours we were about to leave when the CEO and the Community Manager Steve said we should wait because they were going to do the raffle in 2 minutes. We said its OK but they insisted. So we waited. There was a 2nd prize and a 1st prize. Steve pulls the name for 2nd prize and it was AJ Brustein. I run up to shake his hand and he tells everyone he just stopped me from leaving and how funny that is. Then he says, actually he stopped both AJ and Yong and he would definitely not pull Yong’s name. He pulls the name for the 1st prize and of course, Yong Kim. Steve quickly goes into defence mode saying it wasn’t rigged and he couldn’t believe it. The whole place is cynically laughing… You had to be there…
Anyway, I won $300 in RelayRides credit and Yong did too, plus $100 credit in Lake Tahoe. Pretty cool! We took this photo booth picture afterwards to commemorate our winning tickets.