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308/365 ready for a new day

its cold here now in SF. Especially in our house. No heating, no air conditioning. Like Japan, but worse since no in wall remote controlled super sensor AC/Heater devices like Japan. So now we freeze. Gotta at least keep our little piggies warm.


307/365 the future of photography

i love my camera. The Canon 5D Mark III. It is a work of art and creates works of art. But the thing is big and heavy. Recently Toshimi got a Canon M. It is mirrorless and small and cute and takes nice pictures. It probably isn’t the best mirrorless camera out there, but it has one HUGE advantage – it can (with an adapter) use Canon SLR lenses. So what you get is this picture – basically a lens with a screen on it. Freaking awesome. The weighting is rather weird but something about it is just so right. Me thinks this will be the future of photography.