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304/365 halloween

304/365 halloween, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

another 9 hours of air travel today back to SF in time to make it for Halloween. I made it, but ended up never really getting to trick or treat. Went to a friend’s party which was great but missed out on what Halloween is about. Toshimi’s idea for this year’s costumes was Kiki’s Delivery Service, an older Japanese anime from Miyazaki Hayao (Ghibli Studio) and Nyla was Kiki the witch in training and Kylie the cat, Jiji. I ended up being Tombo, the boy who loves Kiki and Toshimi ended up being a person wearing black (?). Anyway, no one knew these people and everyone thought I was Waldo which was kind of annoying. Oh well – the Dolphins won in overtime so its all good.


303/365 calm before the storm

i had a bunch of pictures I wanted to use for my 365 today. I chose this one because it truly was the calm before the storm. The skies are empty because Obama was in town talking about Obamacare and the streets were empty because everyone was preparing for what would be the final game of the World Series (go Sox!). I was in town for the final chapter of the Albright Challenge at MIT, but really in town to see my friend Sandy from BC. Anyway I had pictures from the Challenge, pictures from the sports bar (the winning moment), pictures from Chinatown with Sandy and Denny, (no pictures of Obama) but chose this one cause with the exception of this picture, the day was a complete blur.