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220/365 relayrides

220/365 relayrides, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

just one week ago a posted a picture of my car. I signed up for Lyft at that time although I still haven’t received my pink mustache. Meanwhile, two days ago I discovered RelayRides, another service like the AirBnB for cars. People rent their cars to other people. So I said why not, signed up my car, and within 6 hours had my first renter. He returned it today and the next one took it 5 hours later for 5 days. Already paid my monthly parking bill and now just raking in cash. Stupidly, I forgot I needed my car tomorrow for work so hopped on RelayRides and rented my first one. The beauty is my ride tomorrow up to Napa. Will be a fun ride. And funny enough, the guy I rented from is AJ B. as well. Must be fate.