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216/365 a sea of this and that

hit the Alameda Antique Flea Market today. Not big on antiques but it was amazingly cool. And huge. It was like a sea of antiques filled with a sea of people, parted by a sea of cars in the parking lot on one side and the Bay, emptying from the sea of the Pacific on the other. And there was tons to see and do, and certainly, once we are settled, we’ll be back again in a few months.

217/365 creativity unnoticed

so I work in the Tenderloin – the most ghetto part of San Francisco. Most people are scared to hang out here – and rightly so. Walk around for 5 minutes and you’ll see at least one thing you’ll wish you could unsee but never be able to. Anyway, what is unfortunate is that there is some serious artistic talent going to waste here. The graffiti is beautiful. This one is right across from my office and is actually a set of three, but I like this girl the best. Her face is most likely reacting to the craziness she sees on daily basis. And most people will never venture into this neighborhood to see if she’ll be better tomorrow.