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038/365 vertigo elevator

the elevators in the Tower portion of the Westin St Francis are pretty popular because they go up and down really fast and are glass with a great view of downtown San Francisco. Figured it might be cool with a slow shutter.

037/365 a steamy night

went out for a drink at another hotel bar and got two interesting surprises. One was the bill. Two was some girl who was chatting behind us and then got up and completely passed out. She wouldn’t wake up despite water being thrown on her and yelling and slapping etc. She was breathing but totally out of it. Most certainly on some sort of drugs. The interesting part was that her friend just up and left her in the lobby which makes me think they were really bad drugs and she didn’t want to be part of what was going to happen to her when she woke up in the hospital… Anyway, this shot was on the walk home as I watched her friend flee the scene.

036/365 great pitcher

one of the cooler water pitchers I have seen at a restaurant.

035/365 back in the air again

its only been two months but feels so much longer… Back to San Francisco where I’ll surely get a discounted hotel rate with all the last minute hotel cancellations that certainly occured last night…

034/365 superbowl dinner

three great things about the SuperBowl – good game, good commercials, and good food. Unfortunately, it looks like this year we are losing out on the first two as the commercials and the game sucks and the the lights have been out in the stadium for 30min allowing me to get my photos done – but at least the food was good.

033/365 rainbow wave

033/365 rainbow wave, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

before these markers get gifted away I thought I’d borrow them to take a quick shot today.

032/365 black and white and red all over

if there is one thing that the contour bottle of Coke is not good for is getting reflections / refractions going. But still thought it looked pretty cool on the black and white split and finally had a chance to shoot my antique bottle I picked up recently – see the 6.5 oz size.