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024/365 why is this happening to me?

for some reason inside this fog I am living in I keep channeling my inner David After Dentist. I imagine this is what his day was like. Only I don’t get 100 million views out of it. I do get to test the powers of my new Camera+ app though.

023/365 is this real life?

you know how David After Dentist felt? That is how I felt today. Couldn’t sleep last night, had to go to the office, left early to go get my car fixed, and spent the day in a fog. I figured I’d take an hff and realized it is Wednesday. So, happy fence wednesday.

022/365 warp speed

022/365 warp speed, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

flying down Peachtree St trying not to be late. Was late. Misaligned a tire. And got some interesting glancing from people checking out my camera setup at stop lights – don’t ask…

021/365 coke … after coke … after coke

apparently that is a slogan from the 60s.

020/365 hidden treasure

there is this park in Decatur that people donate kids toys to so when you go there you can play on the swings or slide but the real attraction is the nearly 100 used toys lying around. Where else can you ride 15 different tricycles in one day (and not get yelled at by a store manager…).

019/365 baby’s toolbox

inside are all the essential tools for dealing with a sick baby on two days of 104F fever. Poor baby…

018/365 charged up

018/365 charged up, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

mommy duty tonight. Two sick girls. But I rocked. And as the girls dream sweet dreams, I continue to glow.