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001/365 here we go again

spent the beginning of 2013 in a Starbucks (I hate coffee) doing work while it was pouring outside the entire day. I ended up staring at this table outside the window for about 5 hours so I figured I might as well grab a shot before I went home – and this is how year 3 of the 365 project has begun.

My resolution for this year’s project will be post processing. I do almost no post work because a) I don’t have decent sofware b) I don’t know how c) I am lazy. Well, my borther rememedied A for me by getting me Lightroom 4 for Christmas. I am trying to remedy B by taking a Creative Live class on Lightroom, and well, there is no remedy for C but we’ll figure it out. So, expect to see better looking post work in the very near future…