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199/366 we’re late!

flying out to San Francisco today for part work, part fun. Nyla, on the other hand, is there for all fun, with passport in hand (despite it being a domestic flight) and suitcase filled with her ‘friends’ (stuffed animals), she was ready to go!

198/366 where’s the rain?

we missed the rain again. It never seems to cooperate with dinner time or bed time…

197/366 leaning tower of sugar

today was Kylie’s 9 month birthday so we celebrated with a cupcake that she only gets to watch the rest of the family eat. They were from Gigi’s which is my favorite cupcake place, but leave it to the Americans to make a cupcake with so much fat and sugar that it weighs too much to even stay on the cupcake… It still tasted its same delicious self though…

196/366 evil pinwheel

apparently a spinning pinwheel can raise some serious emotions. “Stop spinning you evil pinwheel!” is what I assume she was thinking. And it didn’t help that apparently for a baby, crawling on grass is like crawling on little spikes, because she hated that too.

195/366 first dentist

after reading about Dora the Explorer’s first trip to the dentist 50 or so times, Nyla was ready to make her own first trip to the dentist. It must have been weird having a stranger with special gloves and pointy tools pushing at her teeth while another stranger pointed a flashlight at her, but she did a great job and never cried or said no once. I think the dentist also gets an assist for being such a good guy with kids. And in the end, she got a toothbrush, floss, a sticker, and a rubber ducky. It worked out for everyone.

194/366 yay me

194/366 yay me, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

got my award for my 5 year anniversary at Coke. They let you chose from a bunch of items, most of which are consumer goods – but figured why get something that will be old and useless in a few years so instead went for the useless but timeless glass Coke contour bottle. Looks cool but honestly, never understood the point of paperweight. Who has wind problems at their desk anyway??

193/366 thunderous atlanta

on the way home from a work dinner I decided to check out the sky for a sunset over Jackson St Bridge. Too many clouds had me contemplate for a few minutes but ultimately give up. As I drove around to get on the highway and passed the bridge, a gigantic bolt of lightning came down right between the buildings! I immediately veered off the exit and attempted to get back to the bridge which took me 5 minutes, grabbed my camera and tripod and set up. Shot for 45 minutes until the rain came but never got that great bolt again – this was the best I could come up with but still pretty awesome. BTW, my goal this year of catching a rainbow and bolt of lighting – done it twice now for both already 🙂