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084/366 humayun’s tomb

saw some of the sites of Delhi today. India Gate. Jami Madjid mosque. Mehrauli Park with Qutb Minar. And this is the Tomb of Humayun, which was the coolest. And considering how hot it was, the inside was also the second coolest (least hot) place I went. The top of the minaret in Jami Masjid was the coolest with the wind blowing and the sweeping views over Old Delhi. Very cool.


083/366 hotel lamp

083/366 hotel lamp, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

this is one of the cool lamps that was in my hotel room in Istanbul. I left at 4am and am now in India. But it’s bedtime. Tomorrow off to see some of the sights in Delhi.

082/366 jar fruit

082/366 jar fruit, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

ate dinner today in a traditional Turkish restaurant. I am one of the least adventurous when it comes to food and if I can’t identify it, I won’t even try it. But I went for some “freshness” today and tried a bunch of unidentifiable foods – and with the exception of one, they were all good! (just vegetables or meat or rice – no fish). I surprise myself sometimes. Anyway, these jars of fruit were at that restaurant in Taksim and caught my eye.

081/366 hookah bar

081/366 hookah bar, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

when in Turkey, do as the Turkish do I guess. Or at least go where they go. Went to a Hookah bar – which as alongside 75 other hookah bars, all with salesman trying to get you to come into their shop. Didn’t actually smoke one as I have no intention of ever putting tobacco in my lungs directly but did like the atmosphere, relearned how to play backgammon which is very popular here, and enjoyed the hot mint water which was surprisingly good. And of course the lamps rock.

080/366 psychedelic

080/366 psychedelic, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

finally got to wear my suit. Now I’ll put it away until next year.

079/366 journey of a suitcase

all of us who travel for business have been told not to check our bags. George Clooney made it famous in Up in the Air. But sometimes, we have to check, especially when packing a full size tripod in your luggage… So of course, Air France lost my luggage yesterday when I arrived in Istanbul. Thanks Air France. And of course, my big presentation was the next day – so no new suit, no razor, no contacts, same jeans for 3 days, etc. So I looked a bit homeless up on stage today. After my presentation, during lunch I went back to my room where I was reunited with my long lost luggage and all was again good in the world. However, I still made sure Air France compensated me for my trouble – so went to the closest mall and bought new soccer cleats and shinguards and will be billing Air France on Friday. Thanks Air France – I’ll dedicate my next goal to you.

078/366 le meridien istanbul etiler

my room at Le Meridien in Istanbul.Gotta say, I have been blessed with cool trips and nice rooms recently 🙂