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079/366 journey of a suitcase

all of us who travel for business have been told not to check our bags. George Clooney made it famous in Up in the Air. But sometimes, we have to check, especially when packing a full size tripod in your luggage… So of course, Air France lost my luggage yesterday when I arrived in Istanbul. Thanks Air France. And of course, my big presentation was the next day – so no new suit, no razor, no contacts, same jeans for 3 days, etc. So I looked a bit homeless up on stage today. After my presentation, during lunch I went back to my room where I was reunited with my long lost luggage and all was again good in the world. However, I still made sure Air France compensated me for my trouble – so went to the closest mall and bought new soccer cleats and shinguards and will be billing Air France on Friday. Thanks Air France – I’ll dedicate my next goal to you.