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266/365 go

266/365 go, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

they’re back again – another 10 people from CCJC. This time one of my old teammates, Go Tomishige was able to make the journey. Got to meet up with him for dinner tonight and brought him over to the house for a look-see. I think he was jealous of Nyla’s play area so we took a picture there.

265/365 rain

265/365 rain, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

first time in the rain. Not the photo I had planned, but sometimes you should just forget about the photo and let the kid play. This was one of those times.

264/365 happiness

264/365 happiness, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

what could be better than being happy? Making others happy as well. That is what we set off to do today, simply by giving empty Coke bottles with a rose inside to random strangers. Saw some fantastic smiles, some days brightened, one lady who happened to be celebrating her birthday, and a lot of happier people. We also saw some totally Debbie downer security guards all around the mall but no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t ruin our day. Glad to spend a day outside of the office with the team.

263/365 cokeunited

263/365 cokeunited, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

our first Tuesday night game with our new team, Coke United. Not a good start though. Lost 8-0 (probably cause I didn’t play due to some questionable coaching…) but even worse, we lost our best player to a torn Achilles… I brought him to the hospital and then went back to the field to pick up his brand new 911… Lets just say, all two times I have driven a stick shift in my life did not give me the confidence I needed to be driving a friend’s brand new $100k car home. Probably better he doesn’t know that I had to study “how to drive a stick shift” on YouTube in the parking lot before turning on the car (and thank god for that since otherwise I would never have figured out how to start the ignition or put it in reverse…). And thank god for my years on a motorcycle to put me right back into form cause otherwise, I am pretty sure I would have peed myself… Anyway, the car is safe in my garage and hopefully Prinz is safe at home and not on crutches for 18 months…

262/365 monopoly

262/365 monopoly, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

revised. I just noticed that the monopoly game we have here at home is some new version called Here & Now that is a little more realistic – or not. Pass Go and collect a $2,000,000 salary? Supposed to be today’s version, but has a Motorola Razr? Well the Toyota Prius, Starbucks mug, and McDonald’s Fries are still pretty American. And so long Boardwalk (no one can safely walk there anymore anyway) and hello Times Square. And Community Chest – how about runner up on Reality Show, collect $100k… Once a year or so a game of monopoly – no matter how commercialized and sold out it has become – does the body good.

261/365 newcar

261/365 newcar, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

on the way home from my second day of the bike ride, we stopped by the car dealership to pick up our new car. I have to say – wow, has Kia come a long way in 5 years. Previously, alongside its big brother Hyundai, these two brands were the laughing stock of the car industry – now I drive away in our Kia Sorento laughing at the fools who paid twice as much for less. Although, there are still a few places where Kia can pick up their game – namely, our salesman. Wow, he could be a lot better. Broke Toshimi’s Coach key chain she got for Christmas, extremely forgetful, says he is going to teach us how to use the electronics and I end up teaching him, consistently mispronounces and misspells my name, I could go on and on. Oh well, we’re done with him now (that is his hand btw) and we got what we wanted including what I think was a fantastic price. Very happy with our new purchase.

260/365 100km

260/365 100km, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

last year I rode 100 miles on Saturday and wanted to die during the entire thing. I made it somehow and couldn’t walk for an hour after finishing and definitely couldn’t ride the next day. So this year I decided to do the 100 kilometer ride instead of 100 mile ride. Good choice. My legs cramped up and hurt pretty bad for the last 20 miles but I made it and ready to go again tomorrow. And here is a summary of what I saw on the 100km ride today, in descending order of the number of each I saw.
0) other riders (doesn’t count really – 2500 in total)
1) horses
2) roadkill (raccoon, fox, armadillo, cat, dog, squirrel, bird, snake, prairie dog, etc)
3) cars not affiliated with the ride
4) Coke bottles
5) cigarette packs
6) goats
7) cows
8) confederate flags
btw, Toshimi and Nyla were volunteering at the first Coke break area which is where we took this picture.