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267/365 eighties

267/365 eighties, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

today we went to a friend’s 40th birthday party and the theme was 80s. I put no thought into it until one hour before we had to go and picked up everything with bright colors and weird patterns – including my killer 80s Miami Dolphins spandex Zubaz shorts and my fro with pick and all. Picked up some killer vintage Nikes too. Toshimi also went for the closet scavenger hunt look but put it together pretty nicely, with belly and all. The Dolphins shorts were a hit, but we were considerably outdone by the birthday boy, his wife, and many of their friends including one who came as Jane Fonda with the one piece leotard. Awesome. I was handicapped though – I didn’t really live through the 80s at and age where I could pick out my own fashion – I blame all my fashion mishaps from that decade on my Mom and Dad who were responsible for dressing me.