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261/365 newcar

261/365 newcar, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

on the way home from my second day of the bike ride, we stopped by the car dealership to pick up our new car. I have to say – wow, has Kia come a long way in 5 years. Previously, alongside its big brother Hyundai, these two brands were the laughing stock of the car industry – now I drive away in our Kia Sorento laughing at the fools who paid twice as much for less. Although, there are still a few places where Kia can pick up their game – namely, our salesman. Wow, he could be a lot better. Broke Toshimi’s Coach key chain she got for Christmas, extremely forgetful, says he is going to teach us how to use the electronics and I end up teaching him, consistently mispronounces and misspells my name, I could go on and on. Oh well, we’re done with him now (that is his hand btw) and we got what we wanted including what I think was a fantastic price. Very happy with our new purchase.