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260/365 100km

260/365 100km, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

last year I rode 100 miles on Saturday and wanted to die during the entire thing. I made it somehow and couldn’t walk for an hour after finishing and definitely couldn’t ride the next day. So this year I decided to do the 100 kilometer ride instead of 100 mile ride. Good choice. My legs cramped up and hurt pretty bad for the last 20 miles but I made it and ready to go again tomorrow. And here is a summary of what I saw on the 100km ride today, in descending order of the number of each I saw.
0) other riders (doesn’t count really – 2500 in total)
1) horses
2) roadkill (raccoon, fox, armadillo, cat, dog, squirrel, bird, snake, prairie dog, etc)
3) cars not affiliated with the ride
4) Coke bottles
5) cigarette packs
6) goats
7) cows
8) confederate flags
btw, Toshimi and Nyla were volunteering at the first Coke break area which is where we took this picture.