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249/365 tomato

249/365 tomato, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

after going to trade in our loaner car for another loaner as we wait for our new car to arrive, we decided to go grab some Japanese at a place across the street. It is actually a combination of 3 Japanese shops in a strip mall (a true strip mall, since the first establishment there is a strip club). The first is Umezono, which I now recognize as the world’s worst Japanese restaurant. Next to that is Tomato, a Japanese grocery store, which has a sister store 10 miles away and is pretty much the exact same – OK except the Korean H-Mart is much better and cheaper – and a Japanese bookstore creatively named “Japanese Bookstore”. I just wanted to write about how horrible the world’s worst Japanese restaurant is – first, the doors and windows are completely covered so it looks abandoned except for an open sign which has the store hours which in proper Engrish says something like *We close before closing hours sometimes”, I ordered gyudon and got tannin don (didn’t see that coming), and Toshimi got tenzaru udon and they brought soba (15min after the “gyudon”) and when we told them we ordered udon the waitress said we were wrong and ordered soba. (which none of us would have done). I forgot to mention none of them were Japanese so she had to confirm everything in Japanese on the English menu. After the waitress bought it back and tried to explain to her boss how she was right and we were wrong, two different waitresses tried to bring the same plate out again and confirm what we ordered. Then, the original waitress brought it back one more time, crying, saying she is a trainee and she wanted us to take it. Then she said she would have to pay for it (it is like 75cent noodles that needed to be changed…) and walked away – finally 10 minutes later the udon came and the original waitress was never to be seen again (although we heard a lot of yelling in the kitchen). Anyway, we won’t be back – the one good thing was it was pretty cheap – but not worth being guilt tripped for incompetent waitresses.