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205/365 cerealinducedsugarhigh

I had a specific shot in mind and this was not exactly it, but how could you not have fun loading all your favorite cereals into a shopping cart and then running around the cereal aisle while evading Kroger employees who keep giving me the evil eye because of all the cereal and the camera rigged to the shopping cart… Tons of fun – should you try your own version on this shot take this piece of advice from me – try out the shopping carts ahead of time to find one that rolls smoothly… This one didn’t.

204/365 threegenerations

well, we are missing my brother, but the Baltimore Brusteins came down to see the Atlanta Brusteins. And when you are in Hotlanta, where else should you go but SunO, shaved ice desserts. Well of course, having expiring groupons is motivation to go as well. And they make for a colorful picture. I liked this picture too much to not post it (+it was the odc delicious day too) although we later did the next Georgian event – shooting at the gun range. Yeeehaw! First time any of use ever shot a gun, and it was actually pretty fun!

203/365 cartscartscarts

golf carts to infinity and beyond! Today we played golf at Bear’s Best a bit outside of Atlanta – Jack Nicklaus chose 18 of his favorite holes around the world and recreated them at this course. It is a public (but expensive) course but was extremely beautiful and pretty easy too. That doesn’t mean I played well, but it does mean I only lost 5 or 6 balls instead of 10 or 12.

202/365 complete

202/365 complete, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

I posted a picture of this puzzle on day 006. Now, day 202, it is finally complete. Been sitting in our office for over 7 months and little by very little the 2000 pieces came together until the final one was put in this morning. Actually, somehow, one piece disappeared, so there really are only 1999, but oh well. Anyway, not the best picture ever, but I thought it was cool to document the beginning and end of this puzzle during my 365.

201/365 wall

201/365 wall, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

stuck at the office all day again and ended up taking a phone call to the Philippines at 8pm from the roof of the parking lot. Yes, totally random. Had my camera in that parking garage so figured, multitask! Thus, picture of one of the ugly Coke office buildings seen from the parking garage roof.

200/365 twohundred

200/365 twohundred, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

two hundred. I did something for 100 so had to do something for 200 but didn’t really have time to plan. So, out come the props (Nyla toys). Did you find the two hundred without being told? The great thing about kids toys is they are so colorful – but the overload of color makes the letters not stand out as much.

199/365 bedtimereading

nyla likes having a book read to her at bedtime. Only today, she decided to read a book to herself on the bed. Well, a magazine really – and a Japanese one at that. But there were tons of pictures of babies so she loved it. She knows the abc song and about half of the letters, but hasn’t even begun to start on the Japanese characters…