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210/365 bigeyebaby

210/365 bigeyebaby, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

weird thing about the internet. I uploaded my original 210/365 shot just now, wrote the description and title, saved it, then looked at it and felt weird. She is only 21 months old but in the bath and she was obviously topless. I didn’t think a thing of it at first, but then it just felt weird. Who knows what is going to happen with that pic or what people are going to say about it. So, I deleted it, censoring myself and giving in to society. I feel weird about it, both my decision and the circumstances that led me to that decision. So, today’s alt picture is another bath time shot but can’t really be construed as improper in anyway. So, slightly-out-of-focus-but-equally-cute shot, you just became number two hundred and ten. Sometimes the internet sucks.