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185/365 10k

185/365 10k, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

Ran my first 10k today. Did it on 0 days of training and 1 case of jetlag. Not exactly top physical and mental preparedness… Anyway, I survived as you can tell, and actually finished in 1:02:25, 28 minutes faster than I guessed I would finish. Ran 2/3 instead of half as I planned, and fast walked the remaining 1/3. Anyway, I decided to document my first Peachtree Road Race 2011 in a photo collage for my 365 with explanations of each photo below (numbers go left to right starting from the top row:
1) line at the starting port-a-potties
2) my view from “P” start wave
3) the troops in P battalion march towards the starting line
4) about to start
5) first sign I am not serious – stopped for a slice of pizza (had I have not done this, probably would have broke an hour
6) the start of “cardiac hill” which happens to conveniently be right in front of Atlanta’s biggest hospital
7) tattoo man walking towards 17th street – I ran from here till the end
8) photographers shooting runners down the homestretch
9) goal is in sight!
10) finish!
11) done – now for the real craziness at Piedmont Park
12) first, one water bottle per person (unlimited PowerAde and Coke etc available later, so don’t understand the restriction on the cheap water)
13) bananas – makes sense. next was bagels too. makes sense.
14) peaches of course – I mean it is Georgia and it is the PEACHtree Road Race
15) then the real popular snacks – ice cream sandwiches, popsicles (and not pictured, cookies, chips, cereal bars, etc)
16) as if I haven’t had enough Delta snacks this year…
17) a look back over the park as I tried to find the family no thanks to AT&T service predictably not working
18) got my tshirt- isn’t that what it is all about?
19) lunch of champions (realized I am not a fan of Mellow Mushroom – Fellini’s is much better)
20) top it off with a Rita’s. definitely put back all the calories I burned off within an hour.

All captured through iPhone 3GS.