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137/365 openhappiness

the rooftop lounge space at the offices in Kenya. Was definitely NOT expecting to see the best office I have been to so far in Kenya, but it was. Absolutely beautiful. Who would have thought that work could actually be an oasis in the middle of the city?


136/365 ultimaterefreshment

OK. So if you thought Coca-Cola was a good companion to spicy foods because it can really put out those fires in your mouth – how about this? An enormous garbage pile that can only get smaller (and stinkier) by burning it down – can the Coke on the wall bring refreshment and remed this situation? Didn’t want to stay long enough to find out. Hello Nairobi – I promise to take better pictures of you on Wednesday.

135/365 dubai

135/365 dubai, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

bye-bye Istanbul. Hello Dubai – for 4 hours that is. Would love to have a proper visit to this city, but for this trip it was but a stop on the journey to Nairobi Kenya. Too exhausted to take any pictures in Kenya – so this pre-dawn shot of Dubai became #135.

134/365 enlightened

134/365 enlightened, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

i was in Turkey – this is my proof. In the airport now, but realized today I don’t have a single picture I took of myself. So, in an empty mosque, took this one. Overall, think Istanbul is a cool place – not my favorite but like it. Hotel (Dedeman Hotel Istanbul) absolutely sucks btw in case anyone ever has that one on a list. The 5 clubs I went to were cool – three of which were the best location / scenery I have ever seen from a club (two on the river, one on the top of a building overlooking the city and river), no one speaks English, the architecture is amazing, stuff is cheap but expensive at the same time, navigating is kind of difficult, and I don’t know what else but it was an action packed and very limited sleep-filled week. Next up, Kenya.

133/365 arealhappinessmachine

my first time to see a Happiness Machine live! Worked on many, helped others make them great, but never seen one in person. Just on storyboards and editing room floors and youtube. This one was live in the Turkey Coke office and was obviously not a regular machine but it still made people genuinely happy, which is what it is all about. Today is my last day in Istanbul but the city is great, the people are great, the team here is great, and I hope to be back sometime soon!

132/365 hagiasophia

131/365 hagiasophia, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

exhausted. Too much partying and drinking and presenting and preparing. I skipped work (meeting day 4) and hit Istanbul today. Lugged around my cameras and lenses and hit up some of the major tourist sites. All pretty amazing. Not sure if I got any decent pics – will find out in a few weeks when I have time to go though them, but the weather wasn’t great so no nice outside ones…. Anyway, this was Hagia Sophia or Aya Sofya in Turkish. 1500 year old church/mosque. Not even sure if I have been in a building over 500 years old and this one was BUILT in the 500s. And it is amazing. Crazy history too. Absolutely amazing all the way down to the fact they had probably the world’s first handicap ramps (they have stone ramps instead of stairs inside).

131/365 alittlegoesalongway

shots. horrible cause you don’t taste the nastiness or notice the strength. but a lot of little bad boys go a long way. In fact, they end up causing photos like this. bad things man, bad things.