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083/365 japanesedinner

I’ll admit it. I am a picky eater. But I definitely broadened my menu after living in Japan. Now I love the food, and when it is at home waiting for me at dinner time – you can’t beat that! (Especially when there really aren’t any great Japanese restaurants in Atlanta and the best Japanese food you can get here my wife makes!)

082/365 uselesspen

082/365 uselesspen, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

I got this pen and two cool bottles of ink as a gift when I left Japan. I thought it was super cool but then I realized I never write anymore, and when I do, I usually use a mechanical pencil. So, although I love this pen, it is pretty useless to me. In fact, this picture is the first time I have ever used it. Kinda sad. And now as I look at the shot, I think I should have placed it on something more interesting – like some kind of paper… Oh well, maybe next time.

081/365 ladybuginflight

Walked around the neighborhood with my camera hoping to get some cherry blossoms or some interesting nice smelling purple hanging flower-things but neither worked out. As I was checking out the planted flowers I noticed a couple of ladybugs walking around and started shooting them. After going rapid fire on this one, I was able to catch him just as he took off. Never realized how big the wings are that are hidden underneath the cute polka dots.

080/365 goingsolo

080/365 goingsolo, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

I had hoped to come home and go for a bike ride or a run, but due to some unfortunate circumstance (…) I ended up going solo and not being in the mood to really do either. Ran a mile and almost died too – man am I out of shape. But noticed it was a decent sunrise so decided to get a sunset shot for the 365 for a change. I really need to find a decent sunset location somewhere near my house now. Since I moved to the west side of town from midtown, my hundreds of sunset opportunities have now all changed to sunrise opportunities. But, I like the sunset ones better – much more relaxed and warmer too…

079/365 bathtime

079/365 bathtime, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

Babies seems to love bath time. At least ours does. She loves getting clean, she loves the attention she gets, and she loves the toys she gets to play with in the bath tub. I only really get time with my girl on the weekend so I wanted to have another picture of her for my 365 today. And when does she have the best smiles? Bath time of course.

078/365 sakura

077/365 sakura, originally uploaded by ajbrusteinthreesixfive.

So, went down to Macon Georgia for what is apparently the biggest cherry blossom festival in the US. If that is true, the US does a pretty poor showing at cherry blossom festivals. However, while driving around the suburbs of Macon there are quite a number of nice trees scattered around, but no concentration of sakura trees like in Japan. But, still not bad – and glad I went. Don’t have time to go through all the pics, so just grabbing a decent macro out of the 750 shots I took today. Will post the good ones on my other account next week…

077/365 babysfirstbikeride

Well finally we got out on the bike. Nyla enjoyed her first bike ride but still needs some time to get used to the helmet. It kept blocking her vision cause she kept trying to slide it off… And my wife rides at a constant 5 miles per hour… I can’t even coast that slow… But all they both need is some practice and it’ll be smooth sailing – and with 80 degree temp and sunsets near 8pm, how can you not get out and ride?!